TipwaTipwa (TT) outdoor

While we are dedicated to getting you fit, we are not limited to indoor activities and classes. At TipwaTipwa we provide our clients with adventureous and exciting outdoor activities. We guarantee non-stop fun and fitness.


wice a year we climb the tallest mountains in our neighbourhood, the likes of Mt. Kenya, and Mt. Kilimanjaro. These always turn out to be very exhilarating one week getaways, where one really puts themselves to the test..


We hike at least once a month if not twice. Get your hiking gear on and lets go out and explore Kenya's many hills, forests and trails and be one with nature. These day-long excursions also serve as training hikes for our two big mountain climbs a year e.g. Mt. Kenya and Kilimanjaro.


Swim, bike and run for fun, fitness or just because you can. Race as an individual, as a relay team, as a family or even compete with your kids. Experience a test of your mettle and enjoy the exhilarating sense of accomplishment.


We have road and off road bike events including a duathlon where we spice things up with a run. This is another excuse to enjoy some of our scenic rides the local area can afford with your kids in tow. It's a race, but it's always fun - given there is no purse money at the end but a nice meal and some camaraderie that is priceless.


Running becomes you when you join us. Whether you've never run or the last time you ran was in high school and it was involuntary, we observe 'no-runner-left-behind' policy so that you feel welcome and capable from the first run onto the first race. We run as a group three times a week, Tue, Thurs & Sunday mornings. Keep moving.