Kshs 1,000
Pay as you go


This has to be most action you can do to music without 'ever' moving your feet. Its like dancing on a bike but not moving forward, yet getting the most low impact cardiovascular exercise this side of a run. Its total calorie burning fun. Spiiiiin! At TipwaTipwa, we'll help you burn more, get you into shape quicker than you thought.

Kshs 1,000
/pay as you go


The possession of mental and physical discipline manifest in the realization of a peaceful body and mind - Actualization. The art of Yoga is an assured mean to this end. Yoga helps increase flexibility, muscle strength, and boost body tone by controlling the mind

Kshs 500
/pay as you go

Boot camp

Otherwise known in TT circles as P.E. for grownups at the gym in your body. You want to burn calories in 45 minutes or less and keep burning them for the next 72 hours? Just rock up to one of our early morning boot camp sessions and find out how. All you need to bring is a bottle of water, a small towel and loads of can-do attitude.

Spin 'n Shred

This is a Spin class with a twist - cycle for part of the class, then get off your 'steel steeds' and get to working out on the exercise floor - be it via circuit exercise stations, TRX, or even yoga. It will always be a surprise, but a cross training session that's guaranteed to burn those calories, build your strength and even sculpt you. Come for the fun, stay for the burn!

Sculpt 'n Shred

One hour where your mind takes a back seat to your body. Going all out to tone and firm up those 'loose' bits, as you shred the fat off and break and tear down the muscles, using your body weight and simple props - ingredients of a recipe to your building body definition with taut and defined angles. A serious strength and endurance workout that will leave you 'burned' but on the path to a fitter, stronger and leaner you. What's not to like?

Our classes are available on two plans; a pay as you go plan that suits frequent trainees, and the long distance plan for those working with or interested in extended time plans.

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