Holistic Fitness

tip·wa·tip·wa ~ healthy {adjective] . strong {adjective adverb} . sturdy {adjective noun} . vigorous {adjective}

We are all about putting oneself through fun yet rigorous group exercise activities that both push and rejuvenate the whole body- muscle, mind and spirit. It’s about working in groups and enjoying the great outdoors; all the while pushing one’s activity levels higher, with the goal of getting the cardiovascular and muscular systems to function at their optimum. It is about challenging oneself to be healthy physically and nutritiously and thus maintain a healthy diet and fitness lifestyle.

Hiking Events

Mountain Excursions and Trail Hikes

Get to the peak of the tallest mountains. All about fun & new experiences.


Indoor Fun

TipwaTipwa studio Workout Zone.

All happening at 3rd floor Lavington Green.

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Outdoor Fun

Bootcamps, Triathlons, Hikes and

An extravaganza of exercise in all its core forms.

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Team Building

Transformational outdoor experience

We provide team building with a focus on fitness.

Team Building...

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TT Trainers

Yoga Trainer
Yoga and YOD Trainer
Spin and YogaTrainer
Spin and Strength Trainer
Spin, Strength, and TRX
Spin and Strength Trainer
Strength Trainer

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Our programs are tailored to:

  • Build confidence and remove perceived barriers
  • Provide support and encouragement
  • Ignite a well-being and fitness spark that will endure

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Chandarana Supermarket Building,
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